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DO NOT use these products on your birds for treatment of mites and feather lice.

I used such a product on my birds for a minor lice issue. The instructions said to spray the bird from 40cm away but avoid the eyes- I thought that was really stupid advice so I put some in a bowl and dipped my finger to wipe/apply to the vent/tail, nape and under the wings.

Not only was it completely ineffective, the next time they bathed, they immediately soaked through ALL of their feathers- right down to the skin. I had never seen anything like it! They were so wet, they looked like hatchlings again. It took an hour and a half for their vaned and semiplume feathers to dry (even with the fan and hairdryer going) and even then, their down feathers were still a wet, matted mess. This was particularly distressing to my most skittish hen who wouldn't stop shaking, crying and desperately flapping her wings until she was dry. She is now terrified of getting wet even from quick flap in a shallow dish- she will flick her wings up in discomfort and complain until I place her in front of a fan.

Spot treatment Ivermectin got the job done in just under two days without the disaster that comes with "glossy plumage."

0/10 I won't even spray the cage with it.

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