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Default Happy but bitey!


I wanted help on a particular theme, I have had Freddie for about a year and he's a generally very happy budgie, the most interactive bird I have ever had, he likes to sit on my shoulder or head or on top of the computer, in the mornings he is lovely but one of the things he likes to do evening times when I get back from work is to sink his beak relatively hard into my skin.

He's kind of stopped doing it on my neck but sometimes when we are playing or watching birdie videos together on YouTube he gets over excited and bites.

I don't think he's scared - I think he really enjoys doing it!

I would ideally like to discourage this behaviour but I read that reacting to biting can lead it to being an even MORE exciting thing to do. However it's hard not to react when the bird is clamped to my hand.

He's on his own now since my last bird died just before Christmas - could getting him a little friend calm down his behaviour?

I don't want to destroy the bond I have with him though, it is strong.

Any advice most welcome!