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Default when to introduce veggies to the youngsters?

hi my adult spoiled budgies dont eat veggies. Just cucumber. From fruit they like apple and pears. They actullay dont eat them more shredding it and throwing it to the white walls.

So I want to introduce my baby budgies to veggies. The oldest one is 3 weeks old. I tried to give him millet. But she just sits in my palm. No Interest, thanks.. Can she crack now millet? I gave her green fresh milelt. She had the peeled of millet in her beak. But she did not swallow just moved it in her beak. And then it fall off

so what can I try it in which stage? is millet ok? salad leafs? cucumber? any ideas? Can I give it to her when I check her feet or do I have to put it into the nesting box?

thank you