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Default Enjoying head brushing but suddenly bites

So my budgie Archer has started molting about a week ago. There's still some pin feathers on top of his head. A friend suggested I brush my finger around his feathers to help, since Archer is a lone budgie.

At first he seemed to enjoy it, he puffs his face feathers up and starts tilting his head kinda like here :

He was okay with it for the following days, but as I was playing music in my room one day while brushing his head feathers, the music skipped and suddenly had like a rather loud burst of volume so Archer suddenly started biting ferociously at my finger. I gave him a small blow and held my finger out at his beak again, and blew after he tried to bite again. He then stopped biting after I put my finger in front of him again.

But, it was a pretty painful bite. Actually bled a bit. Is it normal for budgies to become aggressive when there's loud noises? Or is it because I might have brushed a pin feather against his flesh that hurt him or something?
Maybe I shouldn't try to brush against his pin feathers? How will he get rid of the ones on top of his head?

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