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Goldenwing will become famous soon enoughGoldenwing will become famous soon enough

I love thinking of names! I tend to look at the bird and then decide. I do know that I have really liked some names I have seen other members have. I also tend to go for color-related (especially food for some reason) names. For yellow or green budgies, I like citrus names like Lemon, Lime, Citron, Kiwi, Papaya, Mango (ok, I know mangoes are not yellow or green). For pieds: Button, Sherbet or sky-type names like Sky, Cloudy, Cirrus. I like long names for little birds, like Sebastian, Maximillian, Copernicus. My favorite name for a white budgie is Caspar, as in Caspar the Friendly Ghost. My brother names his cats after philosophers or scientists, such as Galileo, Aristotle, Occam, Ptolemy, Faraday etc. Some other color names:
green: Sage, Olive, Fern, Forest, Pear, Celadon, Jade, Spring, Chartreus
blue: Cerulean, Azure, Indigo, Cornflower
purple: Mauve

Hope you find the perfect name for your new companion!

Goldenwing (and Lemon Drop)