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Default Budgie trying to jump on male Quaker parrots back?

Hi there!

I'm minding my cousins baby Quaker (Monk) parrot for a week, and my budgie Ace is acting...strange?

Even though we have two budgies, I only bring one out at a time when playing with Ringo. Houdini is pretty aloof, and they don't really interact.

Ace on the other hand is very excited. He runs straight up to him and tries to tap his beak, bobs his head and chatters at him. Now he's starting to hop onto his back. He just kind of steps onto his tail and tries to walk up. Ringo is being very patient and will just turn around to knock him off. But Ace is really persistent...

Ringo is still young and has never been sexed, so I guess it's possible that he's actually a female. Would Ace being able to tell?

I'm not worried really, but curious as to why Ace is acting this way!
Love from Liv,
Houdini & Ace