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Talking Is My budgie going to be laying eggs?

I have three budgies, 1 male, 1 female and a 3 month old budgie.
The male budgie has been preening, feeding and mating with the female budgie for over 4 days, everyday they mate for about 20 mins which is insane.
The female spends ALL of her time in the breeding box and only comes out to mate, eat celery or poo.
Her droppings are very very VERY large, and the female also sleeps in her breeding box.
The male is about 1 year old and the female is about 6 months, too young i know.
So anyway, back to my question, when do you think my female will lay eggs or will she lay eggs at all? someone please help me to know when she will possibly lay eggs.

P.S this is my 3rd time breeding, first 2 times breeding went very successful and all the budgies survived.