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Default Chimi's Training Thread

I picked Chimi up last week Wednesday and gave him a few days to settle in. I spent many hours sitting near him, talking to him and moving around the room so he would get used to me without any pressure.
Once he was more comfortable (Eating in front of me, moving around, etc.) I began by leaving his door open with my hand just outside of it and moved steadily closer, stopping whenever he appeared nervous or started shifting his body away.

Once he was comfortable again, I would praise him and remove my hand - slowly of course!
Later the same day, I repeated the process and got closer. Then closer until I had my hand right close to him almost touching.
A little later, I put my finger against his chest and gently pushed against him until he stepped up. Once he was on my finger, I told him "up, up" which will be my command for it, praised him and took a picture lol

The next couple of days were more of the same - inside the cage training. I would play budgie sounds from Youtube and talk to him, work with him on and off with the cage door open as long as I was in the same room.
Finally the budgies on Youtube got him excited enough for him to fly out and explore his play gym.
Which he's king of

I started his out of cage training, getting him slowly accustomed to the entire room and learning that I am a safe place for him.
Now he's looking much more comfortable and can handle the real camera in his face instead of just the phone that he's always around. Now you can actually see his four-month pinnies lol