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Originally Posted by StarlingWings View Post
He is beautiful! It looks like he's definitely gaining trust in you

Be sure to trim the fringes on the ropes so that he doesn't chew on them and accidentally ingest any
Thanks for the heads up, Starling! My last budgie never ate them, just the occasional casual nibble and Chimi hasn't shown any interest, nor is he out without supervision, but I will trim them asap to be on the safe side
Originally Posted by Blingy View Post
He is the cutest little thing. I just love him. You've made amazing progress in such a short amount of time and it's obvious Chimi has a great bond with you. It looks like he's quite an adventurous fellow, exploring his kingdom.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to following your journey.

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Thanks, Blingy! I feel like I'm so far behind since my sweet old Blue was only ten weeks old when I got him and he was my little velcro budgie right from the start. Chimi is very quiet and reserved in comparison, but, to be fair, Chimi is a bit older and from a pet store while Blue was from a breeder.

In an exciting new development: Chimi let me give him little cheek scritches this morning!
I've been clicking at him while gently tapping the tip of my finger against his beak like other birds will when trying to make friends and it just paid off in a big way
I would've taken a picture, but he was and still is sitting on me.
Longest it's ever taken me type anything