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a bit about what has happened today, Tilly, started to show blood around his bum feathers this afternoon (3pm ish), i tried to have a look but couldn't see anything. He shortly had a poo consisting of mainly bright red blood with a little bit of white poo, he did two in total before i rushed him to the vets. On the way he had more poos some normal and formed, others with a coating of blood.

The vet gave us something called synulox and give 0.6ml to him twice daily. I got back and gave just under half before i just had a bad feeling that it was too much and he hasn't had this medicine in the past. I called them up and a vet eventually got back to me. She was a different one to the one i saw and said to give 0.3ml twice daily instead (for 10 days).

I would like your opinion on this medicine and if it sounds right to you? My vets are not an avian vet and there are no local avian vets near us (currently seeing if i can find any exoctic vets instead in the hope they will be more knowledable that an average one).

Tilly is 6 years old and has been acting perfectly fine all throughout this, playing, eating, singing etc...

I just really want to know if this is the right medicine and dosage for him please, if anyone knows or has had experience before? I know how sensitive and how well birds can hide illnesses so don't want to delay medicating him, but don't also want to do any harm to him. He means alot to me and i just want to do the best for him.

Thank you.