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Default Budgie suddenly being aggressive and flying away

Hi all!

My girlfriend has had her budgie for over a year and they've bonded well; he flies to her, rests on her hair, walks from one arm to the other, lets her kiss him etc.

About a month ago, she decided to get him a friend. Initially she thought the friend was a female but it turns out the cere hadn't fully formed its colour yet and it's infact a male.

Anyway, since the arrival of the new budgie, her old budgie is biting her, flies away from her and barely goes to her, she's really upset over it, why the sudden change?

The new budgie naturally is still a bit scared of her and won't go near her at all. New budgie does seem a bit abusive to old budige, won't let him eat, bites him etc but he still flies to him and wants his attention. She thinks the old budgie is taking it out on her?

Any ideas?