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Default Budgie baby poking its head out of the nest box

I have a few questions now that my budgie are trying to come out of their nest box i want to be prepared for everything..
If anyone knows what to do and what not to please guide me.
I have a few questions of my own please help me with them.. thank you in advance
1 my oldest baby is 23 days old he is poking his head out of the nest box trying to come out. So when he/she does what should i do should i put a napkin or paper below so that he/she when comes out doesn’t fall on the cage bars ??
2 is he/she old enough to eat seeds and veggies on his/her own or if not till what age does his/her parents feed the baby???
3 i have seen the oldest feed the second baby who is 21 days old is that normal?
4 st what age should I seperate the babies from their parents and if i should seperate should i do it one by one as they reach that age ???
5 i saw the parents trying to mate I stopped them but i dont know if they do that in my absence what should i do to stop them because i have read that the mother can kill her own children to make space in the nest box?

Please help me find my answers
Thank you
Faerybee waiting for your reply too 6D59558B-8C92-4442-8175-ECDB06BFAFFC_1526064021013.jpeg6D59558B-8C92-4442-8175-ECDB06BFAFFC_1526064021013.jpeg