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Default Current cage setup

Hello everyone,

I posted last year that we adopted 2 older budgies (a male and a female) from someone in our neighborhood that "wanted them gone". I have fallen in love with Jamie and Claire and even though I don't think they'll ever be hand tame, they are quite comfortable in our house and seem relaxed and happy.

I don't like the cage they are in. It's a round shaped cage (kind of victorian style) and only has one hook at the top center for a swing. They have always only had one swing but lately I can tell that they try to beat each other to it every evening when I cover them up. I swear that Jamie will sit close to the swing when he thinks it's getting close to bed time so that he can get on it first. Sadly when I uncover them in the morning I see that Claire has booted him off and has taken her spot on it! So I want to put in another swing for them but perplexed on how to place it in there. I've read about getting a bigger cage but wondering if I should do that or not. Their current cage seems pretty big and it's all they've ever known. They seem happy in it. I have estimated them to be around 10 years old.

Any thoughts or suggestions?