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Originally Posted by JRS View Post
There could be a few things going on here.
Firstly, I’d advise you to remove the coconut hut in that photo - anything that could be seen as a potential nesting site can encourage birds to become more hormonal (& aggression & increased shredding can also be signs of this).

Whilst I think that you’re certainly doing the right thing by putting them in different cages at night, I’m not quite sure how this works - You mention the dimensions of ‘their cage’ (singular), and that they have ‘2 large food bowls’ (is this in each cage? Do both bowls contain the same food?)
Is it perhaps the case that they share ‘the main cage’ in the daytime and you only remove one of them into a separate other cage at night? If so, who gets moved, when (what times from/to are they in this cage and is it covered all that period) and what is there in this other cage? I’m confused as to why Pepper “is still in there” sometimes when you cover her cage.
If you can explain your arrangement in more detail, it could help us get a clearer picture from which to help you.
Okay I can remove the coconut, but she has been like this since we first got her. That's why her 2 previous owners didn't want her
She stays in the big cage at night, and he goes into his old cage. But some nights when we try to take him out, he bites us like he wants to stay.
The flight cage is the one they share. His other cage (the small one) has only one food bowl. Same seeds.
I mean I have to start to cover the cage to get him to know it's bedtime and time to go in his own. Their bedtime is 9 PM and I uncover them at 8 AM. Then they will fly to each other and he feeds her every morning :-)