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Default My budgie doesnít care for millet!

Hi everyone, I havenít posted here in a few years but recently my uncle recently gave up his two budgies (one grey English budgie and one albino budgie, pretty sure both are male from their behaviour) and I took them. Itís been around a week and a half now and theyíve settled in well - theyíre hopping about their cage chirping and playing, theyíre eating and drinking, so I figured Iíd try and hand-tame them now.

Theyíre used to me sitting near their cage and theyíre used to my hand being in the cage, but when I try to offer them millet they donít care for it - they lean away from my hand when I offer it to them, and when I leave my hand a comfortable distance from them they just ignore it. Itís been three days of trying this now and it seems like they just donít care for millet at all so Iím not sure how to positively reinforce them to step up. I gave them a small sprig of millet when I first got them and I saw them nibble at it so I know they have a taste for it, they just donít care when Iím holding it.

Any ideas for how to help tame them? Thanks!

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