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Originally Posted by Hunterkat View Post
Hi there! Behavior isn't an accurate way to determine gender, if you take a picture of their ceres (the area above their beak) in natural light with no flash we can help you determine their gender.
In terms of taming, leave your hand a comfortable distance away- don't try to approach them yet. It may take them a while to come to your hand to eat. If they aren't super motivated by millet you can try other treats like Nutriberries, safflower seeds, sunflower chips, etc. I would start just by offering their regular seed mix to see if that can entice them.
Can you tell the gender of an albino budgie from their cere? I know the grey English budgie is a male because it has a blue cere but the albino one’s is pink, because of its albinoism which gets rid of any pigment in their feathers and skin.

I’ll try coaxing them with their regular food for now 🙂 Thanks!