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Thanks guys! I took the toy out and she perked up almost instantly!! I put her birdbath in there and she went in and cleaned herself straight away, I rearranged everything and swapped the toys out for other ones and she was playing with them all afternoon like she used to. She's also been singing which she really hasn't done much since the eggs.

She's definitely stopped laying though, the eggs she laid were over a 2 week period and it stopped probably close to 2 weeks ago now - no eggs since. When I went to put some broccoli in her cage (her favourite) she didn't try to attack me at all, just let me put it in her bowl and then started chomping away straight away. So I'm already seeing a HUGE improvement.

I'll put off getting another budgie for a while, until she's settled and I know she's back to normal.

Thanks for the advice!