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Talking She did it!

After a few months of owning Sunshine, she has done her biggest achievement yet! Now, I can place my hand in her cage without food, and she will climb all over my hand and play with my fingernails! She doesn't step up on command, I just let her go on me as she pleases, so I haven't touched her. I don't know what happened, I came home one day and all of a sudden she's super friendly and playful! She'll even use my hand as a step stool to get to her toys (which she's been playing with a lot?). Another thing, she's been a little noisy because the house finches are back and she can see and hear them through a window. Not sure if she's trying to communicate with them or me but yeah. Sunshine is also almost done converting to pellets. It took a while but we are almost there! She is currently on only pellets mash and I'm slowly removing the liquid. I'm so happy she's making more progress!

Additional stuff:
I paid a visit to one of our local bird stores, which is Royal Tropical Fish and Bird Haven. They have a huge selection of birds and wonderful toys! My mom met an adorable baby Blue and Gold Macaw, and it was begging her for scratches lol. I especially took a look at some conures (Green Cheeks and Hoffman's) and a Canary winged parakeet, which was super adorable. I also took a look at the budgies there, they were super pretty! Ok here's a random question: every pet store I've been to feeds their budgies a seed only diet. Is there any places besides breeders probably that feed them pellets?

Sorry for that long read haha

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