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I did contact a vet and I explained that I've already taken Reyes to another avian vet but he doesn't seem to be getting better. He said that the avian vet I went to is the best in the country (it's a government pet hospital) and that if their medication can't help Reyes, no one can.

That did hurt alot to hear but today is his fourth day on medication and I can see some improvements. He started eating and he has been drinking water as well as chirping occasionally like he used to when he was healthy. He used to mimic alot but I think he's not recovered enough to "talk" again.

Also, he's best friends with my cockatiel so when Reyes became sick we wanted to keep them apart from each other but the vet said we can still let them be together. However just to be safe we let Reyes be alone during most of the time so that he can get rest but when my cockatiel sees him he does this (photos attached) ever since Reyes became quiet. What is he doing? [emoji28]

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