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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
If a crop infection was suspected I would expect the vet to do a swab of the crop and test for bacteria etc. How much does your budgie currently weigh, 10 grams is a huge amount of weight to gain in a few days for a budgie and seems too much too fast. I think the underlying issue is why is the bird underweight, does he not eat well and if that is the case what is causing the lack of appetite.
The vet did test for bacteria and he said that there aren't any parasites. I think during the appointment he weighed 28 grams but he must have gained a few grams. His molt makes him look even worse but he started playing with his toys today after a long time.

Actually, the first vet I went to suggested that he overate as he was vomiting. The second vet I went to said that the cause of this was that we left food overnight in the cage. Both my birds are on a proper diet now with a variety of food and veges as suggested by the vet. However, I'm unsure why he loss his appetite. He stopped eating like usual ever since he became ill.

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Originally Posted by Birdmanca View Post
Your bird is eating some now. Good. The other bird you have is his buddy. That is good that he has a friend to live with. Seems you have good vet and I believe your budgie will recover. Molting does not make birds look their best. It will pass.
I hope he does recover soon. Yes I saw him preening his friend for the first time today! I believe so too [emoji813]

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