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Default Please help Rocky is being aggressive with me.

Hi I'm very concerned about my Rocky. His full name is Rocky Balbudgie and at the moment is living up to his name, I bought him home mid Feb and he was 12 weeks old at the time. He has suddenly become quite aggressive towards me especially when I want him to step up. He has started to peck me quite hard which is not his usual behaviour. There are a couple of factors that could be triggering this but I'm not 100% sure . At the moment we are looking after my friends Budgie whilst she is on holiday so I am possibly thinking this could a reason for his change in behaviour. I have also introduced some new toys in which one of them is a swing and he loves it, he loves all his toys in id say that's his favourite, so my main thoughts for his pecking is he is protective over his toys, which isn't good. I have also been given lots of advise which conflicts against each other like take his toys away (which makes me feel like a bad mum). Then don't take away his toys but persevere as he has hit a certain stroppy hormonal stage and he will grow out of it. I am worried that this pecking will not stop and really need some help and advise. I have come down this morning tried to interact with him and he went for me, at present all toys and millet treats have been taken out of his cage and just left him be. Also as present he is still reluctant to come out of his cage.

I would appreciate any help thank you.

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