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Default Socializing young baby, at I expecting too much?

“Am I expecting too much”.

Brought my sweet 2month old baby boy home the other day. He’s doing extremely well. I am just wondering if these birds can ever be brought to the point of where they can be shoulder birds and brought around the house so to speak, or even outside. Beyond that am I wasting my time thinking I will “socialize” my baby by exposing him to all kinds of things similar to raising a puppy? Vacuum noise, dogs barking, outside, inside, in a car, travel cage, etc? So far just after a day my baby steps up and eats from my hand. I’m blown away by how calm he is and still having trouble believing something so small can be so smart! For instance i was holding him last night and eating a salad. I let him try a piece of plain lettuce before I took my bite, he ignored it. After seeing me eat I tried again and he mouthed it! Anyway any help is appreciated.

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