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Default Cuisinart griddler GR-5b

I recently purchased the Cuisinart Griddler digital GR-5B. I got concerned before I even used it and did some research because I have two budgies in my home.

The griddle doesn't even go up to 500 degrees and I know that nonstick surfaces are only harmful at 500+ degrees. I did research and it said the plates were free of PTFE. I called Cuisinart. The Cuisinart rep said the non-stick plates are free of PTFE and made of “Die Cast Aluminum with a coating of Xylan”. The quotes are her exact words. I am extremely concerned about harmful chemicals and fumes because of my birds. The Cuisinart rep told me that the Griddler is free of any PTFE. However, I read that Xylan contains PTFE. I am confused! Does Xylan contain PTFE? Is this Griddler safe to use if I have parrots? Again, I was told the non-stick plates are “Die Cast Aluminum with a coating of Xylan.” Is this product safe to use if I have budgies? I am very concerned and afraid to use it until I know.