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Question Is my budgie sick?

Hi everyone! New to group. My workplace has a budgie since it's my bosses and they spend almost all their time here rather than home. She's an absolute sweetheart, but often likes men over women (I'm a woman, but slowly earning her trust). I've noticed this week that her behaviour has changed a bit and am wondering if I should be at all concerned and notify my boss? For the last couple days she has been puffing up quite a lot and shaking a bit, but she's become a lot more active. It's rather hot here right now, considering it's July, and we have a little bit of AC on but only a few degrees difference from outside really. She's not near a vent or somewhere to catch a draft, so I don't believe she's cold. I haven't noticed anything else besides these characteristics, but it would be good to get another opinion. Her appetite is good, energy great but quite a lot more than before, poops fine, it's mostly just the puffed up and shaking. Even around her favourite people. She still comes up to you to say hello and give some love nips but I'm just a bit concerned.

Anything would be of help, thank you.