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Default Kowhai has been admitted to the vet today

Yesterday while I was out of the room Kowhai was playing in and he found one of my sonís unused nappies (diaper) on the floor and thought it was a grand olí toy. When I returned I quickly took it away and inspected it. It didnít look as if heíd torn anything or ingested anything, so I wasnít too worried.

Then later that night, Kowhai was chirping and regurgitating to me. Usually he offers me a bit of regurgitated seed each day - but tonight it wasnít seed.

It was 2 super absorbent polymer (SAP) crystals (also known as absorbent gel material (AGM) )from the nappie. The stuff that can absorb liquid and expand more than double its size.

The rest of the regurgitation was seeds, but Iíve taken him to his avian vet first thing today. He looks normal, happy, fine and chipper, but they want to keep him just to make sure he doesnít show any adverse symptoms and to also give him a crop massage to help anything out that might be stuck in his crop. I hope to bring him back home this evening with an all clear. Iím very lucky heís okay.

I try to be the most attentive birdy mummy I can be, but even with all I do to keep Kowhai safe, there was still an accident like this one. I feel so guilty, but Iím so glad I had some money put aside in an emergency vet fund for this kind of situation. I'm so lucky he's ok.

Hereís hoping I can post Kwoahiís home pictures soon.