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Post Can't tell if they're getting along?

I've worked with birds for a while, budgies being one of them, but recently I adopted a budgie that was surrendered by a previous owner, this is my first time owning birds.
As far as I'm aware, she was not there long. As everything in the cage is new, and even the cage seems to be in decent condition.

I was told that she was constantly noisy in her old house, hence why she was turned in, so I got her a roommate. Both birds I have are female now, and I'm not quite sure if they are getting along.

It's been a few days, they live in a decently large cage together and their behaviour seems to flip-flop back and forth depending on the situation.

In the first few hours of them meeting, one had stayed on the highest toy while the newer bird had been clinging to the side of the cage. After those hours, however, they ended up both sitting on the swinging perch that they have, and one preened the other, the favour was not returned.

In the following days I've noticed they will sit together a lot, mostly on the top toy (they're aware of spots it is hard for me to touch them in, still allowing them to adapt to my family and I) and they will often sit together on the various places in the cage.

However, I have noticed that sometimes the newer one will be warded off by the other one when attempting to get food from the food dish (to solve that at the moment, I'm placing a second one in the cage. That will hopefully solve the issue while they adjust.)

I have also noticed that they will have very short screeching matches, that last maybe 1-3 seconds, but other than that I have not noticed anything else that could be perceived as negative. They have been sitting together the entire time I'm writing this and have appeared calm. I guess I just want to make sure my girls will be okay and enjoy each others company.

EDIT: The newer bird also tends to eat spilled food on the bottom of the cage, and I've noticed that the first one, the one who was in the cage first has been puffing up a lot more than when she was the only one in the cage.
They also don't move a lot, they occasionally move around to get water, food, but other than that they just sit.

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