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Originally Posted by JRS View Post
They can lose a lot of feathers during a moult.
If your bird is sitting still, allowing this to happen, tilting its head around to allow better access, then I suspect that this is simply occasional loose feathers falling during mutual preening.
Does your possibly plucked budgie have any bald patches?
Are there any pin feathers coming through?
Can you post any photos or video clip?
Thank you for you reply.

Yes, she does allow it to happen. She has many pin feathers and a bald patch behind her head that is only visible when shes wet after a bath.

A few weeks back when we took her to the vet for the first time, a few of her loose feathers were on the floor including feathers from her wing and her long tail feathers. Thankfully her tail and wing feathers have grown back.

They're still afraid of me but I will try to post pictures/videos on here asap.