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Originally Posted by philw View Post
She's just missing the amount time she spends with her "social group". Your school is most important, but you should be able to make accommodations in your schedule to keep your bond. Is is possible to have her close to you in your room when there? When you're not home do you have a small tv or radio on while you're away. When you have her out provide treats, and opportunities to explore different objects/toys outside of her cage.
Changing around the perch arrangement/toys weekly can provide enrichment. Some budgies enjoy chewing up small crumpled up pieces of paper. Be creative and don't give
up. Good luck. I think you may be more stressed than her, thinking that school starting is the only problem. She just notices that you're not around as much. Budgies really aren't "angry birds". <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" />
hi thanks for the reply. But I'm actually with her every time after school. her cage and her toys and everything is in my bedroom. So she is with me all the time. I go home if a lesson does not continue. So I can spend more time with her. She loves paper haha. Sometimes I make random toys out of paper and she loves them haha. When I'm home from school I give her 'till dinner fully attention and that's 2/3 hours. After dinner I make my homework while she is trying to "eat" my notebook. I talk to her what I'm doing and most of the time I make my homework with music. So I still give her attention. After my homework I give her fully attention. Untill she is ready to go to bed. She is out of the cage all the time when I'm home. Thank you for the all the advice. I will not give up hihi. She is too importent for me to give up.