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Post Kimiharu & Mimi's Training Journal

I have had my sweet Kimiharu and Mimi for about six months. I got them both from a neglecting owner who had gotten them from PetSmart.. another bad place. These two HATE humans, and the things all humans have: HANDS. I am starting this journal to keep track of my new journey with them, as I reverse these six months and start from zero all over again.

10/27/2018 -

Kimiharu and Mimi are very skittish. They flatten their feathers when I come in the room even after six months, and tremble like little scared chihuahuas. It breaks my heart, but it isn't my fault or their fault. It is hard to put my hand in there, like to change their food and water.. because they go flying everywhere and smack into the cage walls. I'm going to start from zero and just sit in the room with them and have small chats with some music going. I have had them in my room with me and my fiance, but I have now moved them to a smaller room where it is quieter. I hope this helps the process.