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Originally Posted by RavensGryf View Post
To answer your rhetorical question... Yes it IS a BAD idea <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Frown" class="inlineimg" />.

I’ll explain.. First, Talk Budgies mission is to guide pet owners toward the “Best Practices” for keeping your budgies happy and healthy. An experienced and ethical breeder will not just become a breeder for the reason you mentioned. Those in this group who do breed first have a deep understanding of the budgie species, all aspects of their care and behavior, diet, set up, etc. Also knowing the risks of breeding and what to do in an emergency. Not to mention they’re too young anyway.

Furthermore, commercially “bred” budgies found at big box stores have random genetics, and many have health problems that show up. It’s hit or miss if you get a ‘good’ one or not. It’s best to avoid procreating with commercially bred budgies.

When you introduced yourself several days ago, included in the material you were asked to read, we’re these links. It seems you haven’t yet read them?

Now to address your reason for wanting to breed your budgies, please understand that there is never a guarantee that you will have hand tame budgies. Generally speaking, when budgies mature, they tend to become more independent. Even the hand raised ones. The budgies that you see on videos and pics that are cuddly and love to be handled, are the exception... You can do all that is humanly possible and do it right, and still not end up with a budgie that wants to (or even will tolerate) close interaction with a human. Whether or not a budgie becomes a handleable one or not, depends on that individual’s personality. That is something we can’t control.

Breeding budgies is far more involved and complicated than meets the eye. Your best bet is to stick around and learn all you can about the species, and most of all, to have patience. You were told what to do to try to tame your budgies. It has not been nearly long enough to have seen any results. With wild budgies, it can take many weeks OR even many months to see any measurable difference. This is truly an exercise in patience. Patience with slow change is a good life skill for all of us to learn. Again, please read the links above, as well as all the Stickies on the forum. If you have questions about giving your two beautiful budgies the best care, we’re here for you. <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" class="inlineimg" />
Thank you, Yeah I don't want them to breed more than once or become a "breeder" and of course this would be something in the future but your right nothing will guarantee a hand tamed budgie. It was just a thought but as you say patience is key to taming. It's been a few months and my Budgies have shown results I just love them so much I want to pet and kiss them but either way, as long as they're happy and healthy. <3