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Default Throwing food on cage floor

Okay, so what do you do when you have budgies that toss all their food on the cage floor?

It's really hard to keep track of if a budgie is eating, when all the food goes from the dish, straight to the cage floor. One of my budgies (Quinn) is very sick (thread in the emergency forum), and I figured once we got both budgies back on their proper food, the tossing issue would have stopped. But instead, here I go look in Parker's cage, and all the food is on the bottom of the cage again. Quinn (in her own cage until she is better), hasn't touched the seed again so far, but is eating millet.

This behaviour only started when my mother accidentally mixed up the food brand they normally ate, and now it seems to still be happening.

Is it a dislike for the dishes? Or are they trying to cherry pick the good stuff?

I can't say I've ever had this problem with budgies in the past (which I know was a long time ago, but still, my mind isn't that far gone... yet lol).