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Thanks Faerybee for the quick reply!

I'm so glad it's not something I need to be concerned about, although I'll change how I handle it. The biggest problem was that my mother (who has the budgies) didn't realize that the seed wasn't being eaten, and kept filling the bowls thinking they were really hungry. Turns out one of the birds wasn't eating by the looks of it

Parkers cage doesn't have a grate, as it's just a temporary home until the bigger cage comes in. I just cleaned the paper and put a flat saucer of seed down. Does that work? He's welcome to throw it around now that I know it's a normal thing, I'll just take your advice and split the feedings paired with a clean paper each time.

Quinn is in her own cage while she recovers. It has a grate, which I also put the saucer down on the bottom. I'll slide a piece of paper in on top of the grate.

I left a little seed in the dish as well.