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Default Second thoughts on euthanasia

So my budgie was sick for over 2 months. She went from weighing 38 grams to weighing 33 within that time. There were tons of vet trips and in the end they said they thought she had either PDD or liver problems. She had been on metacam for about 3 weeks before today and the vet told me we would need to increase the dose and put her on other antibiotics as well. She was already on baytril and one other antibiotic for a couple weeks because of bacteria in her droppings and the bacteria cleared up and came back. She was sleeping a lot and vomiting. I was told it was unlikely she would get better and I decided to get her put to sleep before she got worse. Now I feel bad because there was still a chance even though it was small that she could have recovered. She was only 2 years old. I can't stop crying and blaming myself. I am so upset knowing she might could have gotten better if we found medicine that worked for her. I know its too late now, I can't bring her back but I just don't know if I can forgive myself or not.