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Default Are they cold and if so what to do

Iíve looked around the posts but couldnít find quite what i was looking for. I have three budgies - two females and a (accidental) male. They all get along very well, no one left out or picked on. As itís winter now itís gottena little colder. We live in California so it doesnít get too cold and us humans donít like the cold either. We usually have the heater on to keep it at a good place, comfortable for both us and the birds. Sometimes the heater isnít on because itís not too cold. I believe itís still in the comfortable temp range for the birds but recently they look as if theyíre cold. They usually sit on the same perch or around eachother but every once in a while they huddle up as close as they can get to eachother and ruffle up their feathers. It only lasts for a little while and it makes me check for drafts, despite there being no open windows and no air on. I went to the local pet store to see if they could help and they suggested one of those snuggle huts. I decided to try one. It was only in their cage a few days and they had zero interest in it besides using it to hop from one perch to another sometimes. Then I thought it may trigger some breeding behavior because of itís closed shape and went to look it up. While I didnít find evidence of it being used as a breeding box I saw the warnings of birds shredding them and getting caught in threads causing injury or death. It came out the second I read that. Now to the question. Is what theyíre doing signs of them being cold or sick or normal or any other possibility? If it is cold what can I do to help? I cover their cage st night and they seem to do fine then but I donít want to take away their daytime by keeping them covered. If itís not cold what is it and how do I fix it? Thanks sorry for the long post i wanted to give as much information as possible.