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Cody - Can the symptoms be different depending on the bird?

Quinn started showing illness when I noticed she was coughing one day. By the next day she was wheezing and tail bobbing. I took her to the first vet and he said she had a lot of mucus in her airways. He figured crop infection because of a food change and the possibility that Quinn didn't eat for a few days, causing a slow down in digestion. Hence the possibility of the crop infection.

Parker on the other hand only started really showing a noticeable difference in her droppings today. No coughing/wheezing. I've now noticed a little tail bobbing. No vomiting, or excessive fatigue, but despite being very hungry this morning, it seems like she hasn't been eating as much throughout the day. There haven't been a whole lot of droppings today, but I'd say 100% have whole seeds in them.

I think I've found a vet that is experienced enough to do tests to determine what might be going on. It's just a matter of figuring out how to pay for it. Vet care for two sick birds, plus all the costs of startup (food, flight cage, perches, toys, etc), all in one month, is hard to handle to be honest. I don't think anyone expects a hit like this.