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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
Sorry Tallulah is not feeling well, in the picture you posted she looks young, how long have you had her? Airsacculitis is an inflammatory condition of the air sacs, which can be due to a bacterial infection. I am not familiar with the medicine you have been given, how are you giving it, is it directly into the mouth? Since the vet you saw admittedly does not usually see small birds it may be best to try and find a vet that has more experience with all sizes of birds. Watch your other birds closely to make sure that they do not also begin to show symptoms. Make sure Tallulah stays warm and when a bird is ill it is best to limit their activity so they can use their strength to heal.
Thank you...I've had her a little over 6 weeks. The medication is given orally with a dropper. I am also giving her water the same way. As I stated above, there are no avian vets in this area, this dr was the closest thing to one I could find. I am trying to see if I can locate one in Myrtle Beach (which is about 45 minutes away) But I'm afraid she appears to be getting worse, when I posted she could still perch but I just got up from a nap a few minutes ago and found her on the bottom of the cage. I watched her trying to climb up unsuccessfully then hobble over to the other side of the cage and prop her beak against the bars. Something is wrong with her left foot, she isn't able to grasp anything with it. I have her in a t shirt on my lap right now....I don't know what else I can do for her
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