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Question What worked best for y'all?

Hey y'all,

I've had my budgie for a while now, and I've been hand training her for a long while as well. I wanted to know where I should go from here, and whether I'm doing it right, because the step I'm at is where everyone starts giving me conflicting advice.

I've been able to get her to take treats sticking out from my hand. Twice now I was able to gently nudge her abdomen with my finger. I've heard 1. "Just keep doing that," 2. "Get her wings clipped, darken the room, throw a towel over her, and train her in the bathroom," and 3. "Use a perch first instead of your hand."

I have also heard 50% of people say to remove my hand once she reacts badly, and the other 50% say to keep my hand still and then follow her slowly.

As far as taming is concerned, everyone says you're supposed to gently nudge the abdomen. But when she bit me, and I looked up how birds react to petting, everyone said don't touch below the neck, petting's a mammal thing.

My question is, what worked best for y'all? I know budgies have individual personalities (mine's as stubborn as I am, which is why I like her) so one training method will work great for one person and yield no results for another, but I'm just trying to figure out if I can improve training- for both me and my budgie's sake. (And patience lol)

Edit: Oh, and one more thing- how often should I train her a day, and for how long?

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