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Hello, I am new to this forum

Around December of last year, I have gotten a second male budgie that grew up in a environment with many budgies.

I went through the quarantine process with him for 30 days, and introduced him to my already tamed male budgie. At this point, he still wasn’t tamed yet and looked a little depressed and lonely, hence I introduced him to first budgie without taming him first.

He likes my old budgie a lot and would cling onto the cage nearest to him and would stare at him the whole day. However, my old budgie would go about his activities and doesn’t pay much attention to him. When I let my old budgie out of his cage to play, he would land on top of the new budgie’s cage and chase him around(?) I am not sure if this a form of aggression, but my new budgie would open his beak widely and they would bite(?) each other’s beaks through the cage bars. Only once or twice they would bite each other’s feet once.

My new budgie is still very scared of my hand in his cage, but would allow me to feed millet to him through the cage bars using my hands or a spoon.

I am afraid that they dislike each other and would be unable to bond with each other as my old budgie doesn’t show much interest in him when he is playing in his own cage. I would also appreciate some advice on how to tame my new budgie as he is easily distracted by my old budgie.

Any advice would be appreciated ! Thank you in advance

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