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Originally Posted by Blingy View Post
Hi there, it’s not uncommon for budgies to poop to become runny or mushy when you first bring them home. This is due to the stress of leaving their familiar environment and being taken to somewhere completely new and foreign to them. It could well be that this is what’s happening with your budgie. Try to keep her on the diet she was on prior to you bringing her home at least until she’s settled into her new home. Cover the back and 3 sides of her cage to help her feel secure, and don’t try to touch her. Only go into the cage if you have to, like to clean it or to change her food and water (of course if she gets poop stuck to her vent, you will need to clean her). Sit by her cage and gently talk to her so she slowly gets used to your presence and gets to see that you won’t hurt her. Keep an eye on her droppings and her behaviour and if she shows any signs of being unwell (like if she’s fluffed up, sitting on the cage floor, breathing heavily, tail bobbing), she will need to see an avian vet. Otherwise, if she’s behaving and acting normally, just give her time to settle in and see if her droppings improve.

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Ok, thank you! I just wanted to make sure, since this didn't happen before with my first budgie (the new one is my second budgie), so I got a little worried. Thanks for your help!