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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
Hi Oaky,
Do you still have your first bird, if so you should quarantine the new bird for at least 30 days just in case it may be harboring an illness. Quarantine procedures require the new bird to be in a separate cage preferably in a different room from other birds. As Blingy has indicated if you do not see improvement in the droppings within a few days then the bird should be seen by an avian vet.
Yes, my first budgie is still here. I haven't hand trained the new budgie, so I think I will transfer the first one to a different cage because it will be easier for me, and I don't want to spook her (I was already thinking of changing cages)

I haven't seen the female one's droppings yet, but she hasn't needed any cleaning, so I think that's good. About the vet situation, the country I am in is very small (not in north america) and there aren't really any avian vets, just normal vets for like cats and dogs. If I'm not able to get a vet to check her out what should I do?