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Default Male bird attacking hen and eggs

My male Lutino budgie attacked my female Albino while she was on her then 2 eggs, and attacked her until she left the nest box. And then he attacked the eggs. And then she laid another egg and I removed the male.
I asked in a facebook group if it was ok, because I couldn't find anything online about this happening to anyone else.
They told me to put the male back in with the female, and so I did, only to lose that egg too. And it was heart breaking seeing her look for her eggs and scream while looking. I know my bird, she's usually tough, but when losing her eggs she was terrified. And no, she didn't leave the nesting box willingly, she was terrified and waited for him to leave right outside the box without leaving herself or eating, he forced her to leave.
So I removed him and put him in a cage with another bird, now he's much calmer. They already knew each other and are very good friends.
The albino laid 4 more eggs without the male in the cage, only 1 fertile and this morning the egg hatched.

And I know the male usually takes a big part in helping the female, but I don't know if he would kill the baby if he would go back in the cage. His cage is next to hers, and he has been friendly towards her when there's bars between them.

The cage where the albino female and baby are is big enough to fit probably 2 Cockatoos (not cockatiels), so it's not the space that's an issue.

I have never heard/read of a male budgie attacking his own eggs and mate.
I have only read that the female is typically the instigator in these situations, but not in this.

Their cages are also typically open whenever someone is home (and in the room). The albino doesn't want to leave her cage since she laid eggs; her main focus is to take care of them so I haven't had hers open except for a few times when the others were in theirs. But she still just wants to eat, poop and lay on her eggs. She has been such a good mama, so I'm anxious to let him back in with her, I don't want her to lose her baby after she has been doing so well. But I also don't want her to overwork herself and become ill.
So what do you recommend I do?