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Exclamation blob of poop stuck to inflammed cuties's vent


we had been on holiday and had to keep cutie with a friend when i got her today a lot of poop were stuck to the vent. it was very large and combined and in a blob and it was black but when i am trying to clean it it appears as dark green i tried searching for vets but my avian vet has gone on a two week holiday and there is no appointment with other avian vet nearby till tomorrow afternoon however i am worried as to what I should do to cutie in the meanwhile also i had given the friend oyster shells and when i got cutie back today there was half of the oyster bottle in her bowl and she also vomited today and there were vomit in her cage as well. As soon as i gave her something to eat like seeds just so that she eats something she vomited and she has suffered from mega bacteria previously . Her vet is inflamed and not opening and she making begging noises but no poop is coming.
do you think feeding her spinach would help???

please help immediately.