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I took Cutie to vet yesterday, and showed Cutie's poops to her, and the vet said that the poop maybe has blood in it, and she said that we should a poop test, to find out what is causing this illness. She said it could be parasites or tumour or there is something wrong with the liver but not very sure until we do the poop test.

Therefore, the vet asked us to collect her poops for 3 days, and then they will culture it. I am not sure now cause the vet said that the results will maybe take a week to arrive, and so tomorrow I will take the final sample for the third day and submit the poops. the vet said Cutie may deteriorate within that time as birds deteriorate very fast. I asked her what I can do in the meantime but she just asked me to continue with Cutie's vitamin A drops in water that the vet that I went to last time prescribed. I am also not very sure whether I should trust this vet as she suggested me to remove her natural branch perches and replace with sanded perches. I told her that I thought sand perches caused bumblefoot but she told me no it doesn't instead those natural branches may cause bumblefoot, as mites can grow on them.

She also asked me to give Cutie grit, but I told her that I thought that grit is not necessary for budgies, but the vet said no it is very good for their digestion, I am not very sure about this vet now, but I have still agreed to do the poop test, cause Cutie needs help fast, btw this vet is an exotics vet. I also told the vet how Cutie stays on the window during the day and licks the rubber on the window even after I try pulling her away from it, Cutie goes and sticks pellets to the rubber on the window and keeps licks it whilst sticking pellets, the vet said that is very toxic and also something that may have been causing her to become ill over the time, and it is only now that Cutie is showing signs.

So I wanted to ask what I can give to Cutie in the meantime, as I give her vitamin drops in the water so I cant give her acv or sodium benzoate. I have heard about electrolytes and probiotics but I have never used them before and I dont know which ones to use in my case so please tell me whether anything like that would help Cutie in the meantime, or any other things that I should be doing? I am very scared I don't want anything to happen to my baby Cutie she is a pure miracle the way she came in my life, so please help me. I am also thinking of buying harrisons baby food and try feeding her if such an extreme situation occurs where she becomes weak, but I don't know how I should do that and also how can I check whether her crop is full or not? Cutie is 4years of age btw, she is not a budgie baby but she is my baby.

I have also attached the Cutie's poop that the vet thought may have blood in it, but I have also told the vet that yesterday Cutie had carrot juice, but still if someone can confirm if that looks like blood or is it just due to carrot juice?
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