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Default Introducing Pellets

Hello all!

I haven't posted on this site in years, but I was just reunited with my two budgies this week and I realized how much I missed them and their adorable budgie faces!

The birds stayed behind with my parents for a few months while I got settled into a new apartment. They were being housed with my mom's super flighty bird, Pretty Boy though. After he was introduced to the flock, he made it near impossible to continue training my two birds, who woud follow his lead everytime he got spooked. Having my original two back this past week has been a joy. Archie and Sashi are relatively quiet, well-behaved birds. I made a little progress retraining with Archie today, who ate some millet spray that I held to him.

I also think I'm ready for a slightly bigger bird at this point, so I'm planning to get them a hand-fed cockatiel buddy very soon (in a separate cage of course). Hopefully it works out, but I will supervise any initial meetings very closely.

Anyway, my question in this post is about diet. I feed my birds a standard parakeet seed mixture and fresh vegetables daily. But after reading up online again, I realized I should probably incorporate pellets into their diet as well. I'm purchasing some natural undyed parakeet pellets online and I was thinking I would just mix the pellets into their seed, but I've noticed that many other owners are offering pellets in a separate food cup. Which is better? And if I do mix pellets into their seed, what should the ratios be? Any tips on transitioning to pellets?

These are the pellets I am looking at:

I am also planning to introduce egg food to the birds about once a week when I get the cockatiel (since they need a higher fat diet), which will include egg, cooked whole grains/whole wheat pasta, chopped vegetables, millet (at least initially), and pellets.

Thanks for the input,