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Hey, first I want to thank you for your concerns about those lovely feathers friends!! I know that some people breed them in a really bad way. Just to sell them as fast as possible.
I want to assure you that I have read almost everything about budgies and other birds, not only for breeding but for everything
And, Yes they are not related, though they both have the exact mutation. However, I got them from different breeders so no worries they arenít related.
I want to breed them because I have had couple of budgies in the past years and I have never tried to breed them. However, now Iím trying because I have a really big room that have 5 budgies and 1 lovely cockatiel in it, and because Iím in love with them and their beautiful colors and I have the time for them. and have the right space and conditions for them. Also I want to make it clear (Iím not breeding them to eventually sell them) I would never want anyone near them. Specially that most people buy the birds for small children, which can cause serious damage to these little lovey birds (itís just my opinion that children shouldnít have such little birds).
And yes they are in a really healthy diet, not only now but since I got them.

So can someone please help me with my original question

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Also I think that if he keeps trying to mate with the perch he will get sores on his down area

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