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Default Requesting Rehoming Advice

Hi there. I have 2 wonderful boys that I adopted a couple years ago. They were rescues and had been through a few homes before I got them. I did lots of research and asked questions before adopting them. Though I've worked with them, they are incredibly skittish and afraid of my hands still but deeply bonded with each other. And honestly, I feel like they have accepted me and really like being around me though they don't like hands! I work from home, and as I work, they watch me and really become active and happy when I'm in the room. Maybe I'm a distant member of their flock? They are also really scared of being out of their cage. They have left it a couple times by accident but didn't like it very much. I haven't taken them to a vet as any type of handling/transferring to another cage is so stressful for them.

Anyway, though I did research, I wasn't clear enough on how limited I would be with these guys. I have a cabin out of town and planned on taking them with...transferring them to a small cage and driving with them. That's out of the question with these guys. I can only leave a couple days at a time now, and I don't have people close to pet sit for me. I don't mind that they aren't hand tame, though it makes taking care of them tougher. I can only clean their cage carefully with them in it while they are freaked out! Poor guys. I accept this, though, and try to give them the best home that I can with a clean cage, good quality food, and happy bird music playing all day long.

I'm contemplating finding a new home for them. I have never rehomed a pet, and I've had plenty. But I am really tied to my home with these guys. My dilemma is that I worry about the incredible stress that they would feel moving to another home. And I also worry about someone else bailing on them because they won't really bond much with a human. Would it cause them too much stress to find another home or could they adjust just fine? I'm really mixed...