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Default Found a white & yellow budgie at gas station in Abilene, TX.


I found this budgie at a gas station nearby, the white one in the middle that is, a woman was holding it, which I thought was odd. I walked up to the woman and told her "That bird's pretty calm with being outside, you must have trained her well." to which she replied, "It's not my bird, it was just sitting out here so I picked it up." After that, she let me take it home where I keep two budgies myself. Her foot has blood on it, though she's not limping or screaming, I've heard that bird's are good at covering up pain, soooo I don't 100% know what to do about that... Anyway, I let it eat and gave it some water, and it's now a little used to being around my Pan and Able, but I don't know what to do next. I've looked at some sites online to see if anyone posted anything about a missing budgie, but I haven't had any luck. I'll figure out that on my own, I'm planning on printing out some flyers soon to hopefully find the bird's owner. I'm just wondering rn what I should do, I don't have a second cage to seperate the birds, so despite of possible illness, it has to stay with Pan and Able. A little help would be super appreciated, thank you!