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Default Will my budgies breed?

Hey everyone,
As I was planning for a while, I want to breed my budgies. This will be first time and I did LOTS of research. Iíve been reading really much on the internet, talked with many breeders and read a book about budgie breeding.

My budgies are 1 year old and I have attached a nest box to their cage yesterday. The female started inspecting immediately, but today I havenít seen her doing it. My budgies are not the best couple, I mean they do like each other, but not so extremely much. The male does feed the female, but they donít preen each other at all. Also, my male is very submissive and my female is very dominant so he is a little scared of her sometimes. My question is, will she really get in, or do some birds have the habit of only looking and never going inside. And will they get on to mating, even if the male is kind of afraid of her? Keep in mind he DOES feed her quite often, but Iím just not so sure if he dares to mate with her. What do you guys think? Will I get any eggs?