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Default Squawking help

So I've had two budgies for a little over a month now. I'm new to bird owning. At first they sang to each other all the time and fed each other and preening each other. Lately one has been squawking at the other alot. They chirp back and forth for a bit then squawk alot. I've noticed that they still preen each other but not as much. And I have not seen them feed each other lately. I'm home with them all day so they get alot of attention and I can monitor them. I've tried to rule out every thing I have researched so far. They have a huge cage that is big enough for more then just them two. They get out of the cage every day. I let them run around the room and they still squawk at each other while they are free. They each have a food and water bowl. And they have lots of toys. One bites at the others feet sometimes but they still sleep next to each other and eat out of the same bowl together. I don't think they are in breeding mood because they have not even had there first molt yet. I don't want to just jump the gun and separate them yet because I think it would be mean to put one in a smaller cage. So what I want to know is... Is this normal? If not then what should I try? Any advice would be great.