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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
I think moving him to your room is a good idea to see if it helps him. Please keep us posted on his progress. Hand feeding, or gavage (tube) feeding can be very dangerous to the bird if not done properly, if this is what you mean by hand feeding please make sure the vet is in agreement with this and teaches you what to do.
Thank you, I don't think tube feeding is necesary at this point
I have a bit of an update.
I actually took him outside today whilst I sunbathed (in his cage and half covered) and he has perked up a bit since then.
He has also gone to sit with the other budgies outside their cage, he isn't singing but he seems a bit livlier. He has also eaten some millet and quite a bit of seed when I wasn't looking, I checked the husks. And when I came into the room he was preening.